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About Us

Your success at work depends on having knowledge that matters to you.

Yegii is a professional insight network and online content platform, built on proprietary algorithm and subject expertise. Content does not have a realistic price in the market – good stuff is often free—bad stuff is often disguised behind a stiff price tag. We have ranked the most credible documents and websites online so when you search for relevant industry information, you are accessing the highest quality and trustworthy resources available.

Consumer search engines are hit or miss, inconsistent, and may soon become irrelevant for industry professionals. However, specialty research tools meant for academia or enterprise are hard to access and cumbersome to use. At the same time, publishing is exploding and the effect is information overload. A single search term can return a billion results, but what you really need to know is which ones are the "best" for you. Yegii was built on the premise that knowledge is only useful if it is relevant, credible, and curated.

The team behind Yegii consists of serial entrepreneurs with PhD and MBA degrees and background from the EU, GE, Google, IBM, LinkedIn, McKinsey, MIT, Oracle, the UN, Yahoo and the White House.

How Yegii Works

Yegii offers a machine intelligence platform which requires no training to use. Vertical search and business intelligence are combined in a single browser.


You can select from any one of our plans below. All paid plans offer industry modules. You can sign up for one or more modules, such as Fintech, Healthtech, or Digitalization.
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